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Business Leaders for Michigan is an organization dedicated to making Michigan a "Top Ten" state for jobs, personal income and a healthy economy. Serving as the state's business roundtable, Business Leaders for Michigan is composed of the chairpersons, chief executives or most senior executives of the state’s largest job providers and universities. Read more...

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Business Leaders for Michigan issues statement in response to action on the road funding package 

DETROIT, Mich., November 3, 2015  – Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM), the state’s business roundtable, today issued the following statement in response to the passage of the road funding package. 

“This road funding package provides substantial funding toward fixing our roads. While it doesn't meet all of our objectives for funding transportation – it meets many of them,” said Doug Rothwell, BLM President and CEO. “Moving forward, we will monitor the state’s finances to ensure the goals of this multi-year funding plan are met and continue to encourage the state to prioritize investments to make college more affordable and to support job training and economic development as these are also critical priorities that are important to growing jobs and our economy.” 


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Business Leaders for Michigan endorses Rick Snyder for Governor

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich., May 29, 2014 – Today, the Business Leaders for Michigan’s Political Action Committee (PAC) announced its unanimous endorsement of Governor Rick Snyder in Michigan’s gubernatorial election in November. 

“Confidence is high from the business community that under the Governor’s leadership that Michigan is on the right path for a full recovery,” said Michael J. Jandernoa, Director, Perrigo and BLM PAC Co-Chair.  “The state is clearly turning around. Michigan’s fiscal house is in order, state long-term debt has been reduced, the burdensome Michigan Business Tax has been eliminated and our state is much more competitive.  The Governor has prioritized state investments in areas that will most help our economy grow, such as preschool education and higher education.” 

Indicating that the decision was based on his leadership on significant components of the Michigan Turnaround Plan, Cynthia J. Pasky, Founder, President & CEO, Strategic Staffing Solutions and BLM PAC member said, “Everything we do is measured against the Michigan Turnaround Plan, including our support for candidates for office. By that standard, this Governor has earned our strongest endorsement. From his work on Detroit’s bankruptcy to removing barriers to greater collaboration between local governments, he has demonstrated a pragmatic, results-oriented approach to governing.  He works collaboratively to identify solutions such as his recent work on finding options for fixing Michigan’s roads and infrastructure.” 

After careful consideration, Business Leaders for Michigan’s PAC made the endorsement of Governor Snyder based on his strong track record and input from PAC Board members. The PAC Board of Directors regularly meets to identify and support candidates and policies that support BLM’s public policy priorities and includes Michael J. Jandernoa, Co-Chair, Albert M. Berriz, McKinley CEO and BLM PAC Co-Chair, Cynthia Pasky and  William U. Parfet, Chairman, President & CEO, MPI Research.

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The Public Approves of Governor, Lawmaker Actions 

Voters Also Support Personal Property Tax Repeal 

DETROIT, Mich., September 13, 2011 — Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM), the state’s business roundtable, today announced that a recent survey showed that a majority of Michigan voters believe the Governor and Legislature are moving the state in the right direction. Further, most Michigan voters believe it is necessary to eliminate the outmoded personal property tax on business, in order to keep growing jobs here.

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Business Leaders for Michigan on the Governor Signing the 2012 Budget

Business Leaders for Michigan, the state’s business roundtable, today applauded Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature for their swift action on the 2012 budget.

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