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What is Right For Michigan?

At the November 6 Election, we face choices that will impact our future and the future of our state. These choices will be presented to us in the form of six ballot proposals.

BLM supports Proposal 1 which asks us to decide whether to keep the Emergency Manager Law that is helping financially troubled communities regain financial stability.

BLM opposes Proposals 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 which ask us to decide whether to permanently embed in our Constitution specific labor, tax, energy, and bridge-and-tunnel building policies that promote the interests of particular groups at the expense of Michigan's hardworking taxpayers and families by making it more costly to live, work and raise a family here.

We need to ask ourselves: "Is putting these policies in our Constitution right for us and right for Michigan?"

The Michigan Constitution lays out the basic rights and principles of all Michigan citizens. These basic rights and principles should be clear and easy for all Michigan citizens to understand.

The proposed amendments don't meet that criteria. They don't benefit all Michiganders - instead they extend special rights to narrowly defined groups. Further, they permanently embed in our Constitution complex tax, labor, and road and bridge building policy. The costs and implications of these proposals are not fully known and cannot be easily explained in the 100 word description that will appear on the ballot.

Most importantly, the proposed amendments risk the progress we've made by permanently imbedding in our Constitution the actions that grew a mountain of debt and contributed to Michigan being an unattractive place to do business.

Michigan's turnaround has started, but much work remains. Proposal 1 is good for Michigan and is necessary to keep us moving forward. Proposals 2-6 are not good for Michigan and would return us to the days of out-of-control spending, no accountability, and uncertainty for business.  That isn't good for any of us.