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Accelerate Michigan

Accelerate Michigan is a partnership with between Business Leaders for Michigan (BLM) and the University Research Corridor (URC) to help accelerate the growth of Michigan's innovation economy. The partnership is the one of the largest of its kind between a state’s largest businesses and its research universities. It includes a statewide business plan competition, a privately-financed venture capital fund of funds and other initiatives.

The purpose behind the partnership is to help stimulate economic growth, encourage entrepreneurial activity across the state, and put an international spotlight on Michigan as a hub for innovation.

To support those goals, the following core activities are underway through Accelerate Michigan:

  • Championing entrepreneurship and innovation by sponsoring the Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition, one of the largest business plan competitions in the nation.
  • Growing the capacity to bring ideas to the marketplace by supporting the Renaissance Venture Capital Fund (RVCF) in identifying opportunities to help Michigan-based innovative companies grow. RVCF is the largest privately-financed fund of funds in the nation.
  • Identifying Michigan’s best opportunities to grow clusters of innovation based on university-industry R&D.

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