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Michigan Business BlogKeep abreast of current issues affecting Michigan’s competitiveness, both nationally and around the globe, and learn what the private sector is doing to stimulate and grow our economy.

You can also learn more about Business Leaders for Michigan’s (BLM) latest initiatives and find out how you can help make Michigan a "Top Ten" state once again.


How will rising Medicaid costs affect Michigan? 

Higher education is the most likely function of state government to be impacted by rising Medicaid costs according to Moody's Analytics. See how your state is forecasted to be impacted.

Read the Moody's Analytics report: Crowded Out: The Outlook for State Higher Education Spending. 



Michigan's property taxes impact our competitiveness. 

Property taxes don't get as much attention as corporate tax rates as a site selection factor. But as more states improve their corporate tax competitiveness, these taxes are becoming more noticeable. For example, Michigan's property tax rates are higher than all the states to our south - which happen to be the states we most often compete against for jobs.

Learn more in the May 8, 2015 Pew Charitable Trust's Stateline article, "States Look to Deliver Relief as Property Taxes Rise." 

Property Taxes on the Rise - from the Pew Charitable Trust - Research & Analysis - Stateline


Where does Michigan rank in supporting entrepreneurs? 

Creating a great environment to support entrepreneurs isn't just about low tax rates.  If that was the case, Michigan would be number one - we exempt small business from paying our corporate income tax.  

Entrepreneurs also need talent (Michigan ranks below average in education attainment), infrastructure (Michigan has some of the worst roads in the nation) and quality support programs for entrepreneurs (Michigan has many, but they're uneven in quality).

See all the rankings in Entrepreneur: 10 Best States for Starting a Business

Michigan Economic Rankings



On May 5, Let's Fix the Roads!

On May 5: Let's Fix the Roads!  

Tomorrow is Election Day, and we all have an opportunity to start fixing Michigan's crumbling road system. 

Just two weeks ago, a national transportation research group released its report on our roads.  No surprise, it detailed the rapidly deteriorating condition of Michigan's roads and the need for significantly more funding in order to repair them. 

According to the report, 38% of Michigan's major roads are in poor condition (up from 23% in 2006), 45% are in fair condition, and only 17% are in good condition. Is that what we want for our families and businesses? 

Proposal 1 would raise $1.2 billion a year for Michigan's roads by making sure that what we pay at the pump goes to our transportation needs. We'll finally see our crumbling pavement restored and bridges repaired. If Proposal 1 fails, we'll continue to shortchange our state transportation system by relying on unsustainable one-time fixes and risking our safety and future economic competitiveness. 

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On May 5, Let's Fix the Roads with Proposal 1!

Imagine you're driving up I-75 from Ohio, and you cross the border. You see the beautiful blue sign welcoming you to Michigan, and suddenly the smooth road beneath your wheels gives way to a crumbling, tooth-rattling mess. Is this really what we want "Pure Michigan" to mean to our families, our tourists, or worst of all--the job providers thinking about locating here? 
Of course not.  That is why Proposal 1 on the May Election ballot is so important. It provides a dedicated source of funding to fix our roads now and in the future. Proposal 1 would guarantee an additional $1.2 billion to make MI's roads and bridges safer. 
Proposal 1 has three strong guarantees:
  • Every penny you pay at the pump in state gas taxes is constitutionally guaranteed to fund transportation.
  • Roadbuilders would have to provide warranties on the roads they build, so taxpayers aren't forced to pay for improper repairs.
  • Every penny in the School Aid Fund is constitutionally guaranteed for K-12 schools and community colleges.
BLM's position: Other states around us invest far more in their roads than we do and it shows. 
Businesses thinking of locating here take the condition of our roads into account as they consider how to move their products and ideas to market. We need to make sure our roads are safe, strong for our families and capable of supporting our businesses and the economy we want. The May Ballot Proposal is about making our roads safe and requiring those that fix our roads to guarantee their work. BLM supports Proposal 1.