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Michigan Business BlogKeep abreast of current issues affecting Michigan’s competitiveness, both nationally and around the globe, and learn what the private sector is doing to stimulate and grow our economy.

You can also learn more about Business Leaders for Michigan’s (BLM) latest initiatives and find out how you can help make Michigan a "Top Ten" state once again.


Register today for the 3rd Annual Michigan CEO Summit!

Register today for the 3rd Annual Michigan CEO Summit!


Charting the Course for Michigan's Future

The Michigan CEO Summit is a do-not-miss event for business and community leaders.  MI is coming back, but to continue the gains made, we need to aggressively up our game and prepare our businesses and state to thrive in a fiercely competitive global market.

Join us to hear directly from some of the nation's top minds on how we can help MI continue its turnaround, better understand our competitors and position ourselves and our businesses to take advantage of emerging global trends through innovation and collaboration. 

It will be a fast-paced day of important information and great networking opportunities. 

 Event agenda is now available! 

Space is limited!  Click here to learn more. . .

November 13, 2014 |  The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit

8:00 - 3:00 p.m. | Admission $125 (includes breakfast & lunch)


Who Will Continue Michigan's Turnaround?

We can all have a role in Michigan's turnaround! On November 4th, we will choose a Governor and legislative leaders to guide our state and support the Michigan Turnaround Plan (MTP). The MTP is a blueprint with real solutions to make MI a Top Ten state for jobs, incomes, and a healthy economy.
Thanks to Governor Snyder and our legislative leaders, much of the MTP has been addressed. State government finances are more stable. Changes to our tax system have reduced the burden for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Long-term debt has been reduced. Unnecessary regulations have been eliminated. Jobs, personal income and population are on the rise. But we still have work ahead to make MI a Top Ten state.
We examined the voting records and responses to our MTP questionnaire to determine candidate support for the MTP. Click here to see where the candidates stand on the Michigan Turnaround Plan. MI's turnaround has started. It's important we choose leaders who will keep our great state moving forward.

Business Growth in Detroit’s Creative Corridor: A Snapshot

When you think about design, what American cities come to mind? New York? Chicago? San Francisco? How about Detroit? That’s right - Detroit ranks right up there among North America’s leading design cities. The Motor City is actually home to many top design-driven industries, world-class educational facilities and the country’s highest concentrations of industrial and commercial designers. 

Business Leaders for Michigan and the College for Creative Studies created the Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3) in a joint partnership to support the growth of Detroit’s creative economy. DC3 is an economic development organization whose purpose is to provide support to Detroit’s creative industries in the form of resources, exposure, and advocacy and recognize Detroit as a global center for design.

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Just Ahead: The 2014 CEO Summit

If you're not already registered for this year's CEO Summit at the Westin Book Cadillac in Detroit, you'll want to be sure to sign up soon.  Our agenda is action-packed with speakers and topics that will not only help our state continue its turnaround, but also support new ideas for innovation and collaboration in your own daily work.

Peter DiamandisDon't miss Peter Diamandis.  Named by Fortune Magazine as "One of 50 of the World's Greatest Leaders," the X Prize chairman and CEO delivers this year's keynote following a day of fast-paced panel discussions and networking.  This year's panels include discussions about keeping Michigan on the leading edge of global competition and innovation. You'll also learn how successful entrepreneurs maintain their edge, how to effectively launch new start-ups, and how to keep your business competitive in the long term.


There's a lot to explore, click here to learn more and register!

November 13, 2014 |  The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit 

 8:00 - 3:00 p.m. | Admission $125


It's Time to Eliminate Michigan's Personal Property Tax

Tomorrow, Michigan voters will decide the future of the state's personal property tax. Businesses, seniors, law enforcement and communities across the state have joined together to urge elimination of this tax, which penalizes new investment and hurts growth. 

It's long past time Michigan's outdated personal property tax was eliminated.  We've all heard the stories-businesses that bought equipment a half-century ago or more, and have been paying tax on that equipment every single year since-but the truth goes much deeper than that. 

If we're going to make Michigan a top ten state for jobs, personal income and a healthy economy, we need to keep pace with our competitors in the U.S. and across the globe. The states MI competes with most abandoned this 19th-century method of taxation long ago. They are welcoming new investment, not punishing it.

Even those who receive the personal property tax revenue each year are eager to find a new approach.  The amount of money brought in by the tax tends to fluctuate wildly, leaving local government without a stable, dependable revenue stream.  They, too, would like to bring Michigan into the 21st century. 

BLM's view:  BLM strongly endorses the passage of Proposal 1.  We've improved our corporate tax climate, developed friendlier policy and regulatory frameworks, and are nurturing a workforce that is among the nation's finest.  Now we need to remove the last barrier to lasting economic growth-the personal property tax.